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We are very happy to announce our next release for core

It includes several bug fixes and a few enhancements. We are working on a feature release now and should have it out in the next month. For now we have been focusing on getting customers live and fixing critical issues.

the change log is here:

but here are the contents of this release. Which included a hotfix for a few issues we found during the release test.

Version – released 08-Apr-2015
[B091] Corrected api health check logic causing false positives.
[B092] Updated api calls to include HTTP request type which resolves the cURL versus cURLSSL issue.
[B551] Disabled modules cache for the time being as it is causing intermittent issues.
Version – released 06-Apr-2015
[B544] Repaired reviews issue using Pro or B2B.
[B542] Repaired product / category create / update issue bug.
[B541] Repaired pressing enter on the login page does not submit bug.
[B540] Repaired backup tool not excluding images bug.
[B539] Repaired guest cart does not merge with customer cart on login bug.
[B538] Repaired category on home page – ignores display settings bug.
[B537] Repaired Branding Manager loses all data when special chars are used in the inputs bug.
[B535] Repaired admin product edit – Pro sub product fail to save bug.
[B534] Repaired information page permalinks missing data, wont save bug.
[B533] Repaired contact us form submit confirmation message.
[B532] Repaired need help link in the admin goes to the wrong template on Kayako.
[B531] Repaired admin right navigation menu loses position.
[B530] Repaired admin search not working properly.
[B529] Repaired cannot edit template modules layout – content.
[B528] Repaired deleting products does not remove them from featured products.
[B527] Repaired margin reports message.
[B526] Repaired export / import manufacturer data missing bug.
[B525] Repaired category pages sort – drag and drop is buggy bug.
[B524] Repaired category pages sort – need to edit sort value bug.
[B523] Repaired new products content module breaks cache.
[B522] Repaired blank checkout success page bug.
[B521] Repaired end date not saving correctly bug.

We also have a new issue tracker on our github, instead of using the wordpress plugin in our forums.

Please post any issues here

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