Alpha 2 is released. Loaded

Alpha 2 is released. Loaded

We are proud to announce the release of major milestone Alpha 2 of the Loaded 7 shopping cart. We said February, it’s still February.

Alpha 2 brings us one step closer to the dream of delivering on promises made almost a year ago. This update contains the following new capabilities:

  • Core Code Updater
  • Full file back up for roll backs
  • Admin Profile/Password Edit
  • Admin Logout / Link to catalog
  • Admin Store wide Ajax Search
  • Admin Quick Add Menu
  • Admin Keyboard shortcuts added

Some issue were addressed:

  • Checkout address book layout and responsive 
  • Catalog pages code abstraction (specials pages, and other pages)

We have added a Templates forum in our developer forums. Please review the template architecture and give us feedback. We are looking to see templates created for the release in the next few months.

While I love the admin interface features added in this release. I need to draw your attention to the cornerstone feature of this release. Core code updater.

The core code updater will allow you to install updates and upgrades directly into your application from the admin with a single click. OK, maybe two clicks. A few clicks, but definitely no keyboard. Anyway, no downloading of patch files, then making back ups and uploading via FTP 100’s or 1,000’s of files to your web hosting. A version check is clearly visible on the core updater page.

Also included in the Core Code Updater is a full file back up functionality that will allow you to roll back the update to the state before the update. This functionality will soon make it to your admin so you can make file backups of your site and download and delete them or restore them when ever you like.

You can download the Alpha 2 release here.

You can view our full change log here.

Fork us on github, and join our community to help make Loaded 7 the best open source ecommerce application in the world.

Join us on Wednesdays 10 am at UStream> for our live cast of our product design sessions. Join the other community members in sharing your real world experience and shaping Loaded 7 into a tool that meets your needs. You can also watch the recordings of the live sessions at  UStream or

By Sal
I am the Founder and Product Manager of Loaded Commerce. Tell me what you want Loaded to do for you.

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