Coupon end year issue

Coupon end date year is 2018, which does not show 2019. Issue found in admin/includes/add_ccgvdc_application_top.php Buggy code; for ($i=2001;$i<2019;$i++){ $date_selector .= ‘<option value=”‘ . $i . ‘”‘; if ($i==$year) $date_selector .= ‘selected’; $date_selector .= ‘>’ . $i . ‘</option>’; } Fixed code; for ($i... »

Mass Loaded 7 mysql corruption Issue [resolved]

We are working on an issue that is effecting all distributed installations of Loaded 7. The main serialization server and DB for Loaded 7 became corrupted today and all Loaded 7 installations processed an error response that has corrupted their databases. Errors are being rapidly generated by the attempts and can fill up a server and bring it down. delete the file: includes/work/php_errors.log to ... »

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