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All New Product Attributes

All New Product Attributes

Product Attributes page is completely redesigned for easy of use. New design uses data-tables for easy search and pagination. Modals for add / edit. You can download it from Here are few screenshots of Product Attribute updates. »

Beta download for 6.5.3 CE Mobile Responsive available for testing

Beta download for 6.5.3 CE Mobile Responsive available for testing

Ladies and gentlemen. We have a download ready for you for the Community Edition of 6.5.3 MR. The MR stands for Mobile Responsive. You can read the forum post and find the link to download here: Beta download for 6.5.3 MR here Please note, 6.5.3 is a radical change in the template engine to go tableless in the HTML and allow a mobile responsive front end. There is also a new admin template to brin... »

Mobile Template for 6.x stores available

There is now a fully mobile responsive template for 6.x sites! No upgrade is required! This google compliant mobile responsive offering is designed to allow you to convert your existing branding and design (template) to the new mobile responsive layout. The conversion will be done on a development site so that you can test the template before going live. To do this we have set it up as a project a... »

Release – Critical Fixes

Release – Critical Fixes

We are proud to announce this latest release which addresses a recent bug that affected customer and admin logins. Get the most recent edition of Loaded New Enhancements: Added Product Sort manager, sort by price, weight, date, or custom sort value SMTP Mail Abstraction, allows you to send mail from another server, good for dealing with IP reputation issues. New HTML Content info boxes w... »

Company and Product Roadmap Update 2015

I want to take a moment and talk about recent events at Loaded Commerce from the end of 2014 to now – the spring of 2015. Loaded Commerce is a start up that relied on investor money, we had seed money and were looking for either angel money or small VC investment. We were unable to acquire additional investment at the terms we liked so we decided to scale back some marketing and non essentia... » Released Released

We are very happy to announce our next release for core It includes several bug fixes and a few enhancements. We are working on a feature release now and should have it out in the next month. For now we have been focusing on getting customers live and fixing critical issues. the change log is here: but here are the contents of this release. Which ... »

How to use the new Product Categories Side Box

In 7.002.5 we introduced the new Product Categories Side Box. It is an improvement over the previous box. And it has some configuration settings. Only shows one level of categories at start Expands to show children of current category Has CSS class for current path of categories Configurable to start a designated parent category Configurable to product counts and levels of expanding Here you see t... »

Loaded 7 B2B 1.0 Released! Pro and Core updates too.

Loaded 7 B2B 1.0 Released! Pro and Core updates too.

We are finally here. We have, after long road travelled, released the first B2B edition for Loaded 7. Thank you to all the patient pre-order customers. You will be receiving your B2B serials – if you have not already. Also see this forum post on how to update your Loaded 7 Pro to B2B, it’s super easy. Order B2B here: B2B comes with the following in... »

Hotfix – Version Check limit Issue fix

Hotfix part 2. As you may have noticed our API server still having issues up until this late morning. Especially difficult was the 9 am wave of traffic that hit our server as everyone started logging in. After fixing the login check (hotfix we found another issue with our Loaded 7 admin code where it checks home too often to see if there is a new version. Instead of checking only once a... »

Hotfix – Login Validation Issue fix

This week we saw an unfortunate issue arise with our Loaded 7 install base. Our api server crashed on wednesday morning starting a chain reaction of other issues. Some that continued to plague our api server for a few days. The biggest problem was the effect on Loaded 7 installs around the world. The issue resulted in large error logs and crashed databases. This is because the admin code that chec... »

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