Company and Product Roadmap Update 2015

I want to take a moment and talk about recent events at Loaded Commerce from the end of 2014 to now – the spring of 2015. Loaded Commerce is a start up that relied on investor money, we had seed money and were looking for either angel money or small VC investment. We were unable to acquire additional investment at the terms we liked so we decided to scale back some marketing and non essentia... »

Planned Feature: Recurring Subscriptions

Goal: Allow management of recurring service subscriptions. Create and configure products with recurring meta data that generate subscription records that hold invoicing data. Generate invoices on a daily cron that run against live payment modules with card tokens. Components: There are several components that make up the recurring system: Recurring Settings Product Recurring Options Type Shopping ... »

Feature Plan: Downloadable Products

Goals: Allow merchants to sell digital downloads Allow merchants to restrict access to files until purchase is complete Allow merchants to present teaser files files separately from the restricted files Allow merchants to deliver the files immediately on the checkout success page Allow merchants to allow download of files to qualifying purchasers from My Account or the Product Page after order All... »

Feature Plan: B2B Proposal Engine

Goals: Allow a merchant to create custom price proposal that can be viewed by customers and ordered then paid for via the catalog. allow customers to create proposal request from enabled products in the catalog allow multiple proposals per customer create re-orderable quote (which act like permanent per customer pricing) Catalog Experience – Requesting a quote Lets start with the concept of ... »

Loaded 7.000 Stable is released.

Loaded 7.000 Stable is released.

We are proud to announce that last week we quietly released stable 7.000 of the CORE of Loaded 7. Loaded 7 stable CORE is ready to be used on your site. You can learn more about the capabilities in our new feature tour at »

Loaded 7 Alpha 1 Released

Loaded 7 Alpha 1 Released

Loaded Commerce is proud to announce its debut release of Loaded Commerce 7.0 Alpha 1. First, let’s be clear that this is a pre-release. Alpha is pre-beta. So this is far from complete, and is a work in progress. This release allows everyone to see what we are working on and for some to start to develop alongside our efforts. We have also updated the Product Roadmap with new milestone and feature ... »

Loaded 7 Roadmap

Loaded 7 Roadmap

Here you can see all the main features of each product and their planned release version and month. CORE  Pro B2B Milestone Month CORE Mobile Responsive Interface Y Y Y DONE Core Code Updater Y Y Y DONE Embedded AddOn Store Y Y Y DONE Enhanced Product Admin Y Y Y DONE Product Simple Options Y Y Y DONE Category Pages Y Y Y DONE Discount Customer Group... »

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