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    Hello, after 4 years i have more than 2GB size sessions table. what can i do? can i clear this table?

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    thanks for zero answer

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    Query Error reported on page /advanced_search_result.php MySQL error: 144 – Table ‘./xxxx/sessions’ is marked as crashed and last (automatic?) repair failed select value from sessions where sesskey = ‘lg763cpod9jm2camteg75uaqk3’ and expiry > ‘1461941149’


    SQL task: update

    SHOW FULL FIELDS FROM sessions ;

    MySQL send: Documentation
    #144 – Table ‘./xxxxx/sessions’ is marked as crashed and last (automatic?) repair failed

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    Go into PhpMyAdmin (probably through your hosting panel) and Empty the sessions table.
    Cre Loaded has broken way of handling sessions so they just build up and up and have to be emptied regularly.

    Zero answer? There’s no one here now, the cre / LC community left years ago for other carts inc opencart, prestashop and in some cases magento. Even the company responsible for LC7 is going backwards – LC7 failed and now returning to series 6 by adding mobile templating.


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