anyone switch to magneto?

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    Just curious with all thats going on here. Anyone switch, and do you like it? Any before after site links.

    I found someone that convert my skin to magneto for basicly what it will cost for me to upgrade “and i say that loosely” to 6.3 b2b.

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    i have a client that uses b2b on one site in the UK and Magento on his .com
    he loves the Magento site I did for him.. 🙂

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    That magento site is looking good, I think magento has alot of potential, too bad it’s not easy to modify the code and add your own features.

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    Looks nice dvdvideo.

    Yea, it does not seem to be quite as straight foward to modify code. Then again i said that about cre when i was first starting to use it.

    I am just curious to see if people are shifing away from cre and what they are using. I am thinking about it.

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    William Corry

    Problem with magento is it is very bloated and the admin is not the best. It is also a bit slow in my eyes, although it potential is pretty darn good but I think before I migrate my store i will wait until it hits a nice mature age of at least version 2 😉

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    Seen it so many times, great work but the developers are only really interested in fireworks, buzzers and flashing lights. What the hell is the point in having a zoom on images if the backend is so ignored that you can’t upload enough products to sell unless you have 3 months to do it.

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    Wow, their (Magneto) enterprise version is a lot more money than CRE’s B2B.

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    Magic Wladimir

    I recently gone to Opencart and i must say that i made a good decision.
    Before i use Oscommerce.

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    Sounds upgrading to Magneto is good to go.

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