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    For all of my product names that include a single apostrophe, the confirmation order email converts the apostrophe to &#39

    For example, if the order was for a boy’s shirt, the confirmation email will show the item as:

    boy&#39s shirt

    Does anyone know why this is and how to correct it? I know that &#39 is the ascii code for the apostrophe, but I don’t know why it doesn’t get converted correctly for the confirmation email.


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    it has been addressed in patch 11

    but for seo value, remove the ‘ in a products name as the odds are more than likely, that customers do not use it (or other symbols for that matter) when searching for the products you sell

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    I have seen a lot of values, though the scripts change the way it is, it is very unfamiliar to other thinking the script as the other aspects. I frequently, see this though and even uses some of it, is it default to have stuff this way.?


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