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    1. I’ve logged-in to http://www.loadedcommerce.com but can not find a link to my Account? Where should I look?
    2. I am running a Loaded Commerce B2B v6.5.2. Where do I find whether my license is “active”?
    3. Where do I find my license serial number?
    4̣ Where can I download the new patches that upgrade to Loaded Commerce B2B v6.5.3 with the responsive mobile template?
    5. It has been suggested that I run the new v6.5.3 in a /dev environment, will I be able to run the second version at the same time, without my license becoming invalidated?

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    To login to the software site use this link,

    Once logged in go to my account, downloads can be found under my downloads, and serial numbers can be found under my orders.

    Hope this helps.

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      Thanks for that. I am showing a serial for B2B 6.4, but not one for B2B 6.5.2 which I have been running legitimately since 2013.

      My account is showing B2B 6.5.3 as a “Main release”, at the same cost as if I purchased B2B 6.5.3 for the first time, ie. no upgrade pricing.

      Am I right in thinking that my current B2B 6.5.2 is effectively on a lifetime license, but the minor upgrade to B2B 6.5.3 requires a brand new monthly license?, or a new lifetime license at full price?

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    Please note that only one licensed serial number per domain. If you plan to use on another domain it will require a license for the second domain.

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      Is a sub-domain allowed under the same license?

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