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    You can download the latest beta release candidate for 6.5.3 Mobile Responsive here:

    THIS IS THE NEW TEMPLATE. It does not support any older templates, your store will break if you try to use your existing template with this build.

    This is not for live stores. It is for testing and feedback, please post your feedback here. Thanks.

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    Jim McGettigan

    Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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    Johan Kuikka

    Hi. Can I please betatest on my new template?

    Please contact me.

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    I tried the beta at
    In looking at the source code I find that the structure for SEO is very poor.

    SEO needs a header positioned h1 tag (missing) and a h2 description of the h1. (missing).

    The header should include a physical address as well as a local phone number.

    The h3 display has the wrong sized text. (In the h tag hierarchy h3 is the same as a regular sized text in bold.)

    I also notice that the Captcha is not working

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    Hello… missing in admin:
    admin account
    admin members
    admin groups

    admin header have small hight

    many words is not in language files…

    and where si choice an admin theme? i find black, blue and more color themes in assets/css files where is switch?


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      Thanks for the feedback on the beta. We did release the update in 6.5.3 please do install the latest and let me know if you see the issues corrected.

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    Johan Kuikka

    Tried to do a new install and got this error:

    Which broke the install and I got this error:

    1046 – No database selected

    select configuration_key as cfgKey, configuration_value as cfgValue from configuration


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    Johan Kuikka

    I’ve tried the beta 6.5.3. I can’t seem to update the Shippping modules and the Payment modules and configure the modules. it won’t save. Example the UPS advanced and the Bank Transfer options are two modules which arn’t saving the config.

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