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    Has anyone tried to change the website field in the branding manager? In 6.3.3 you could change it and it would update it on the home page to whatever you put there. With 6.4 it does not do that anymore. Currently it just has the URL of the site which. But, I want to change it to something else. I know it sounds crazy but, I have my motivations :-). The fact that I could do it in 6.3.3 and now I can’t in 6.4 seems strange. Was there some code changes to the branding manager?

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    You certainly can, make your own trial using your own source. I would also suggest to save your CSS so you can have copy whenever you want a reversal.


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    Were you able to do the changes in 6.4? Planning to do some work on the site right after I finished installing the new rack and access tonneau cover on the truck. Sounds the 6.3 is way better to use.

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