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    I downloaded and installed the cart on the monthly charge. How does one cancel this? I’ve logged into my account and there’s no clear way presented. I went to my past ordered and asked to return the product but haven’t heard anything back. I am not using this cart and need this cancelled ASAP.

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    You know, this is really sad. I’ve used my cre carts for years now. How do you plan on staying relevant and making your product WANTED when you can’t take care of your clients? No email responses, no phone, no support. WHY would anyone want your product when all you seem to care about it improving the cart without improving customer relations? Might as well give up and throw in the towel folks. Having to resort to my bank intervening to stop these payments coming out when I’ve asked you to cancel is poor business practice.

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    … and they (Sal) haven’t improved the cart either, so fail on both accounts.
    The CRE / LC cart is over, there’s no community here anymore and the business model based on ‘building the biggest and best’ and charging for it is also a failure. Smartest thing you could do is cancel with the bank and check out one of the many other open source options with a community and and strong pulse (eg opencart, prestashop.)

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