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    We are proud to reveal our work for the next major release of Loaded 7.

    Loaded 7.5 is a complete overhaul of the code base with a focus on speed, stability and features. Loaded Commerce has partnered with Holbi UK to create a new company and a Loaded Commerce product. Together we have formed Global Ecommerce Solutions, LTD, and we will be launching the new Loaded 7.5 product in the weeks to come.

    We release the browseable demo today and invite our community to take a look and provide feedback. We want to get feedback as soon as possible so we can incorporate it into our release.


    For more inforamtion see our blog post:

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    Hey Sal,


    Wonder if there is interest in MailBeez Automatic Ecommerce Email Marketing http://www.mailbeez.com for Loaded 7.5?

    Please let me know, so I can decide to put some work in!


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    Hi Sal,
    Well done – It’s taken some time.

    Where does the above news leave all of us that invested in 7 by purchasing it in advance some years ago?

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