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    I use Loaded Commerce B2B v6.5.1, on a dedicated server I’ve had up for a number of years, well we were about to move everything to new server and was told that since my site is on a server with php5.2 it will most likely WILL NOT work on the new php5.5

    can anyone tell me if it will work or if not what changes need to be made?

    my site is working PERFECTLY now how I want it, so Honestly I don’t want to upgrade to a newer version and have to start all over with having it modified to make it do what my older site does now.

    Thanks in advance for the help

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    I’d look at php5.6, the last in the php5.x series before php7.
    Through cPanel you can usually setup a separate area under a different version of php and trail a copy of your live store.
    Most hosting companies are still running mysql (even though it’s be dead for years and mysqli / pdo recommended as alternatives), so rewriting all the dbase calls would be cause to switch carts fullstop.
    Your other issue would be having a mobile responsive store – given it’s 2017 and most search is done on a phone now, how relevant is your current store?

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