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    Hi Just upgraded to B2B 6.5.3 after my first post edit the main page, I can no longer access the main page in windows 10 the editor page just hangs and eventually crashes! fortunately but extremely inconveniently the editor continues to work on my IPAD. Do you have a fix for this?

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    Have you tried putting an unedited mainpage.php file back in the template folder. perhaps the edit in mainpage.php was incorrect.

    I suggest trying that, do let me know the results.

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    Which browser you are using? I tried in Chrome and it worked good to me.

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    Hi, Yes already done that, clean install of mainpage.php with still the same result. I have editied the file from outside of CRE and have a workimng front page, but still cant use the editor in CRE.I am using the latest version of chrome and windows 10. I have also switched of my firewall which made no difference.

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    found it really helpful

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    I have a fresh install of B2B 6.5.3 I have no issues using chrome and the built in editor using windows 10, if you would like me to take a look at it, I suggest sending an email to [email protected] with accesses to both admin and FTP access as well. I would like to have a look.

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    Another suggestion, is to check to make sure the mainpage.php file permissions are set to write to, perhaps the file permissions are incorrect and could cause a problem writing to the file.

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