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    I havent been to my store(testing) for a few days then I go today and the products_info.php page gets a 404 error. I havent changed anything in several days and everything was fine last time I looked at it. When a product is clicked this is the URL it calls;

    I compared files with default ones;
    – product_info.php
    – templates/content/product_info.tpl.php
    – templates/TemplateName/mainpage_modules/main_page.tpl.php
    and a few others I forgot, they’re all fine.

    I noticed there was no entry for product_info.php in the filenames.php file , but there wasnt in the default file either.

    I’m thinking maybe the server did a backup and something got screwey. Anyone have any ideas?

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    @greatpcs wrote:
    works fine for me

    where did you get that link?

    Thats how the link was actually coming up in the browser. I even temporarily added a filename entry to includes/filenames.php which brought up the proper path but still no page even though all files were present.

    Well I contacted Siteground our host and asked them if it was DNS troubles, cause my traceroutes werent going through. They said my CRE install was broken and to reinstall!

    I decided to start by reuploading the includes dir and a ways through the upload the product_info.php page started coming up again so I cancelled the rest of the upload.

    Something in the includes folder got deleted or corrupted server side or the guy that I talked to at Siteground found something, I dont know.

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    🙂 well as long as you are good to go.. good luck with your store

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