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    How do I add Social Media Icons and then link them to their pages with the Pro 6.5?

    Please note that I’m a beginner! 😯

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    Have a look at or for a block of code you can just add in where you want these to appear. You can pick some of the buttons that you want.
    Alternatively if you’re using 6.5.x cart the templates/content/product_info.tpl.php has AddThis code in it already which could be copied to another page.

    If you’re looking for specific buttons to be added to a eg header and you know no html/css and php is just a bunch of letters, hire a coder (unless you’ve got the time to learn)


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    Find the social media icons you would like to use on the internet, download them, and then upload them to your blog’s Media Library.

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    [quote=225828]Find the social media icons you would like to use on the internet, download them, and then upload them to your blog’s Media Library.[/quote]

    That was a really awesome response. You left out the part about using a keyboard and mouse.

    If you want to advertise your site here, contact us we have a sponsorship program. Or try to keep your answers actually useful. Learn the code and help out.

    If not, I’ll use your site to hire a person, to log in to our admin, and ban you.

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    I am working with home renovation Kerala. I have a question for you. How can I add a website link in social media?

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    Nehapatel one good way to post your link on social media sites is to create your own official pages.

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    It should be remembered that from social networks can also be advertising traffic with pay per click and ordinary traffic (referral), when someone shares your link. Both types of traffic in the “campaign source” have the full domain name of the site. To avoid inconsistency, also use the full domain name of the social network. You can track backlinks using Google analytics or SEO tool for monitoring and analyzing all backlinks.

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