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    trying to make a full page compare report so we can style it and link to it.

    in a new theme page, i have the comapre wdiget, when i click on “compare” to define the products to compare, it does not load.

    Compare widget

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    Home page is missing compare related javascript and button code.
    Here is what I did;
    add below code to theme js

     tl('/themes/basic/js/main.js', function(){
        if (!window.compare_key) {
          window.compare_key = 1;
          var params = { compare: []};
            box: "<div class='popup-box-wrap'><div class='around-pop-up'></div><div class='popup-box popupCompare'><div class='pop-up-close'></div><div class='popup-heading compare-head'>Compare</div><div class='pop-up-content'><div class='preloader'></div></div></div></div>",
            data: params,
            beforeSend: function () {
              $('input[name="compare[]"]').each(function (i, e) {
                if (e.checked) {

    Add button where you want;

            <div class="compare-box-btn">
          <a class="compare_button btn" href="/catalog/compare">Compare</a>

    It works.

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