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    Hey Everyone,

    Here is my question. I am in the process right now of setting up my store, putting in all my products, etc. I’m getting close to finished, but I have a problem with my shipping setup.

    I need to do this:

    1. Setup a table rate shipping method for the continental United States only. Just the 48 states.

    2. Setup a table rate shipping method for Hawaii, Alaska, Peurto Rico, Outlying Islands (like Guam), etc.

    3. Setup a table rate shipping method for international customers. One in particular for Canada, one for Europe and South America (I charge them both the same), and one for everywhere else in the world. So 3 zones or something?

    What I’m going for is that whenever someone checks out through my store their shipping option, and ONLY their shipping option will be displayed for checkout. So my international customers shouldn’t be seeing the U.S. customers shipping price or vice-versa.

    I only offer one shipping method for everyone too. In other words, I don’t offer expedited or overnight or anything. Its all just a one option standard shipping rate.

    Thanks to everyone in advance for their thoughts and help on this! 😀

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    I could have sworn i answered this before

    You first need to create a zone
    1.(admin- locations/taxes- tax zones—insert—)

    2.Name it 48statesshipping, click the information icon next to it.. and click the details button
    here you need to add the 48 states

    4.—insert— us from drop down

    6.then click Alabama.. insert

    repeat for the other 47.. from step 4

    set up another zone calling it restofusa from step 1
    Now you need to use an add-on module such as,2571/category,2/search,multiple+table that will give you the choice to use multiple table rates along with multiple zones

    You can either use the world zone rates for your step 3 as they are countries.. but if you want to preselect.. ie add all of europe.. then you will need to add it to the above add-on and steps

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      Wow! This module sounds like what I need as well:,2571/category,2/search,multiple+table Although it is not completely working in my Pro 6.5.1a test store. I did not see anything about how to install the files so I put them where it seemed obvious.

      Can anyone help me with this?

      I downloaded the latest version (15 april 2009) and also the latest single file of 18 november 2009.
      These are the files I downloaded where I copied the files to: (15 april 2009)
      One file I copied from/to includes/languages/english/modules/shipping/mzmt.php
      the second file I copied from/to includes/modules/shipping/mzmt.php 18 november 2009
      This zip had a single file, I copied to and overwrote includes/modules/shipping/mzmt.php

      When I log into my admin panel > modules > shipping I do see this module in the list > MultiGeoZone MultiTable.
      I install the module like any of the others and then edit the setting:

      This is what I see:
      MultiGeoZone MultiTable

      Multiple geo zone shipping with multiple tables to each geo zone.
      Enable MultiRegion MultiTable Method
      Do you want to offer multi-region multi-table rate shipping?

      (set to true)

      Tax Class
      Use the following tax class on the shipping fee.
      (I am able to select either of the 2 classes that I have setup)

      Sort Order
      Sort order of display.
      (I set to 20 – but no number appears in the sort order column)

      Cancel or Update
      (I click update)

      There are no other settings as described in one of the posts “All of my shipping zones are setup through MutliGeoZone Shipping”

      Am I missing something or should I have the tools in this module to set up the zones and then choose multiple zones? I have attached a screen shot.

      Maybe this does not work with Loaded Commerce 6.5.1a? Does anyone know of something like this that does work?


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      Pretty cool tutorial. I’ve been checking those drop down menus and shipping procedures on some big sites like waltermart and 4Wheelonline and they seems a little advance. Guess I’ll give this a try first.

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    😀 😀 😀

    Wow! Thank you soooo much! My shipping is setup exactly how I want it now. That little add on module really helped do the trick.

    I have one last question though. I went ahead and used the World Zone Rates for my international shipping, and its working great for every test international address that I put in. The only problem I’m now having is that for United States customers its showing the World Zone Rates shipping price plus their normal ground rate.

    Is there a way for the U.S. customers to only see their shipping option instead of seeing both?

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    yes.. you need to assign only the countries you want that module to show using a zone..

    ie if us is not within the zone assigned to the world ship module.. then you have a bug

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    Ok, I figured it out. I stopped using the World Zones way and did international shipping the other way that you mentioned through the add-on module, which was actually a lot easier. EVERYTHING is working perfectly now, and you’ve saved me tons of time and money.

    Thank you so much! 😀

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    No problem.. glad I could have helped

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    Ok, I actually have one last question. I have everything setup and installed properly using the add-on module that you recommended. Everything on it works perfect except for one thing…

    For some reason when you go to the shopping cart, the shipping estimator shows international shipping for United States customers.

    I have 5 different shipping methods setup. 1. 48 States, 2. Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, etc. 3. Canada, 4. Europe, 5. Rest of the World

    I’ve checked by changing the countries on the shipping estimator to things like “Canada”, “France”, etc. and all of the correct shipping rates show up. For some reason its only the “United States” and “United States Minor Outlying Islands” that shows the incorrect international shipping method.

    There’s one more part to this too. If you sign in on my site as a customer and then go to the shopping cart then the correct shipping does show up for everything including “United States” and “United States Minor Outlying Islands”.

    So its only when a customer is a guest on the site and their not signed in that the wrong shipping shows up for United States. Any ideas? This is the only thing that needs to be fixed.

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    which zone do you have set as “international”

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    All of my shipping zones are setup through MutliGeoZone Shipping. Within that my international zones would be #3 – Canada, #4 – Europe, and #5 Rest of the World.

    #5 seems to be the problem as the other ones are working fine. The rates for zone 5 (rest of the world) shipping is affecting the United States.

    Hopefully you can understand that. Let me know if I need to further clarify myself.

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    and you don’t have the us or the others.. in the rest of the world (as a zone)?

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    For this MultiGeoZone shipping module I actually didn’t have to make a “Rest of the World” zone. It automatically came as an option.

    When I couldn’t get it working though I did make a tax zone called “SHP: Rest of the World” and set it to Country=All Countries and Zone=All Zones. My thought in doing this was that since the U.S., Hawaii/Alaska, Canada and Europe already had zones setup for them that this would just take care of the remaining countries.

    What happens when I switched over to my own zone (“SHP: Rest of the World”) though was that nothing was coming up on the shopping cart screen where the shipping estimator was supposed to be. Instead the only thing I got was a message saying, “Shipping Options: Free Shipping – Downloads”. Only when I switched back to “Rest of the World” instead of “SHP: Rest of the World” was when the shipping would show again in the shopping cart.

    Sorry if I’m making this sound confusing. I can post screen shots or even let you logon to the account if it’d make it easier to see whats going on.

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    yes.. send me or pm login details as that would save time

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    Sent it.

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    zone 5 should show on all customers since it has no zone set (none means everywhere)

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    and if you assign your rest of the world to it.. you need to limit it to all BUT the us and such

    one country at a time

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    Oh wow, one country at a time. Okay, well it’ll just take time I guess. Is there a limit to how many countries I can put in there for the rest of the world?

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    clcik details on your rest of the world zone.. and insert line by line each country you want to offer that rate to.. ie all 200+ countries

    I have started with afghanistan
    then click insert.. select country from drop down.. insert
    back to next

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    😯 It’s going to be a looooong night. That’s okay.

    Is there a limit on the number of countries I can put in? Like 200 or something? or is there no limit?

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    Man, your the best, thanks again for all your help!

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    there should be no limit.. would be nice if one was able to limit countries instead of doing it this way

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