Company and Product Roadmap Update 2015

I want to take a moment and talk about recent events at Loaded Commerce from the end of 2014 to now – the spring of 2015. Loaded Commerce is a start up that relied on investor money, we had seed money and were looking for either angel money or small VC investment. We were unable to acquire additional investment at the terms we liked so we decided to scale back some marketing and non essential operations to what our natural cashflow could sustain.

You will notice a new website that is more streamlined and less distracting.

We recently release our first update for 2015, 7.003.3 (complete with two hotfixes to boot). It addresses several issues, and we are working on another with more bug fixes including a critical for those using simple options (aka attributes). We have 7.003.4 in QA now.

Our plans are to bring Loaded 7 up to feature parity of Loaded 6 within 6 months. However we are building features in based on two methods of prioritization:

1. Paid projects for specific features
2. Largest impact to the user base.

So here is what we are working now:

1. Upgrader improvement to handle larger databases (chunks the processing so it does not time out)
2. PRO: product minimum order QTY
3. PRO: product order increments
4. CORE: UPS XML with product dimensions
5. CORE: USPS with handling fees per rates
6. PRO: Local Store Fronts (start of multi store – different lang/currency per parked domain)
7. PRO: Bundled Products (like product kits, and buy 1 get X free)
8. PRO: Out of Stock and Discontinued product
9. PRO: Store Credit for customers

There are more features coming. But we want to focus on getting these updates out to you then we can talk about what is next.

Thanks for using Loaded and for your support.

By Sal
I am the Founder and Product Manager of Loaded Commerce. Tell me what you want Loaded to do for you.

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