Loaded 7 B2B 1.0 Released! Pro and Core updates too.

Loaded 7 B2B 1.0 Released! Pro and Core updates too.

We are finally here. We have, after long road travelled, released the first B2B edition for Loaded 7.

Thank you to all the patient pre-order customers. You will be receiving your B2B serials – if you have not already. Also see this forum post on how to update your Loaded 7 Pro to B2B, it’s super easy.

Order B2B here: http://loadedcommerce.com/pricing/b2b

B2B comes with the following initial features with more being added soon:

  • Product Group Pricing
  • Product Option Group Pricing
  • Product Multi SKU & Sub Product Group Pricing
  • Product Group Qty Break Pricing
  • Tax status by customer group
  • Payment and Shipping module by customer group
  • Access Levels for content
  • Hide pricing and add to cart to public
  • Require Login for catalog
  • Suppress catalog account creation
  • P.O. Numbers on checkout and order history
  • Search for orders via P.O. Numbers

This release lays the groundwork for more features, access levels and group pricing can now be leveraged and expanded on. We have some exciting B2B features in development, such as:

  • Customer Companies with Sub accounts
  • Affiliate Program with Affiliate Coupons
  • Admin Sales Persons with commission reports
  • Invoices with terms

So stay tuned and if you need a feature developed for your site or want help getting upgraded contact our sales team.

View the B2B features here: http://loadedcommerce.com/shoppingcartsoftware/b2b-features/

Pro also received an update to 1.2  with a new feature and bug fixes:

  • New feature: Product Option type: file uploads
  • Enhancement: Skip shipping checkout cleaned up
  • Enhancement: Qty Break price can be removed
  • Fixed: Sub product pricing save
  • Fixed: Sub product showing price with tax
  • Fixed: Login as customer url
  • Fixed: Admin Product Class definitions
  • and other fixes

Pro also has more enhancements coming such as:

  • Domain base language and currency (foundation for multi site)
  • Bundled Products

So stay tuned and if you need a feature developed for your site or want help getting upgraded contact our sales team.

Core received a large bug fix update with several enhancements:

  • Social Share buttons with configuration control on product page
  • New Product Category collapsible infobox (space saving technology)
  • Sales Tax and other reports (finally, yay)
  • BillMeLater button on shopping cart
  • Orders show customer, phone, email and IP address

Order B2B here: http://loadedcommerce.com/pricing/b2b
View the B2B features here: http://loadedcommerce.com/shoppingcartsoftware/b2b-features/


By Sal
I am the Founder and Product Manager of Loaded Commerce. Tell me what you want Loaded to do for you.


  1. bob - May 27, 2015, 8:15 am

    Hi I have a version of your software: CRE Loaded PCI B2B v6.4.0.a that I would now like to upgrade please recommend the most appropriate new product you have.

    I also want to upgrade with the least amount of disturbance to our current site we have a lot of products and re-formatting every item would be a nightmare. Can you comment on this and can I pay your company to make the upgrade.

    Thanks Bob Russell

  2. Edward Lugbill - October 14, 2014, 9:13 pm

    Currently we are using Cre-loaded 6. My web site host is telling me that I need to have a developer make some changes to the FTTP site so they can switch the site to one of their newer servers. We integrate PayPal and Shipworks with the site to process orders. We use the site primarily for taking orders from our re-sellers. However, our revenue is very minor that comes from the web site so therefore I cannot afford to spend much on upgrading and developers. However, I need to have an individual to work on all aspects of my site or get rid of it and focus on the other areas of my business.

    Do you offer developer support to do everything I need to bring the site up-to-date? Would you recommend upgrading the software at the same time. What estimated cost would you expect to get things up to speed? Please advise …. You can either email or call my cell phone if talking is easier. 574-596-4811.

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