Mobile Template for 6.x stores available

There is now a fully mobile responsive template for 6.x sites! No upgrade is required!

This google compliant mobile responsive offering is designed to allow you to convert your existing branding and design (template) to the new mobile responsive layout. The conversion will be done on a development site so that you can test the template before going live. To do this we have set it up as a project and not a product. The service is provided by our parent company The Reactor Works.

The 6.x template is based on the Loaded 7 template and utilizes the latest and greatest bootstrap, html 5 and css technology.

main screenshot
Screenshot of 6.x with mobile template.

It is a 6.x template but does require some core code changes. These changes are only template related and do not effect any feature or admin code. This is a template only enhancement and all your 6.x features will remain in tact. You will gain the mobile friendliness of Loaded 7 while keeping all the features of your 6.x site. There is no change to your licensing with this service.

Click here to request a quote for your 6.x site.

By Sal
I am the Founder and Product Manager of Loaded Commerce. Tell me what you want Loaded to do for you.


  1. Reg - February 24, 2017, 12:46 pm Report user

    Is the 6x mobile template still available ?

  2. Steven Todd - June 20, 2016, 6:13 pm

    Is version 7 B2B not going to be developed? Is 6.5.3 a substitute? Presently 6.5.2. I purchased lifetime licenses for version 7 but not used.
    Can existing database for 6.5.2 be movied to 6.5.3?
    Can you use existing templates?

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