Post-Installation Steps

Basic Clean Up Steps (required)

Upon successful installation of Loaded Commerce, the following steps need to be performed to secure the installation of the online store.

  1. Delete the loadedcommerce/install directory.
  2. Reset the file permissions on loadedcommerce/includes/configure.php so the web server is only able to read it and not write to it. This is commonly performed by setting the permission flag to 444.
  3. Create a directory called backups under loadedcommerce/admin/ and set the permission flag so the web server is able to write to it.

You may want to additionally protect your admin by following the advanced steps below. They are optional, and require manual config file editing.

Advanced Security Measures (optional)

Rename your admin/ folder

  1. To prevent unwanted access attempts you can change the default path to your admin by renaming the folder.
  1. Update the config file values in the includes/functions/html_output.php to reflect the new path
    $link = HTTPS_SERVER . DIR_WS_HTTPS_CATALOG . ‘admin/’;
    } else {
    $link = HTTP_SERVER . DIR_WS_HTTP_CATALOG . ‘admin/’;

Directory password protection

  1. To prevent any external system access to the admin directory script you can password protect the directory at the server level.
  2. This will require an additional level of authentication for your users, and typically is a single user/pass combo that is shared with your authorized users
  3. This does not replace the user level logins
  4. Use your web hosting control panel or contact your host to setup password protection for your directory. There is nothing you need to do to your Loaded 7 installation to support this.

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