Setup Branding Manager

Hello, in this video we’ll show you how to customize your Loaded 7 store with the branding manager. The branding manager allows you to easily set your company brand and contact information that is displayed on the store.

Here we can see the default information displayed in the header of the site. Let’s change that with the branding manager. Go to the admin, and choose marketing section from the left navigation. Then choose branding manager in the menu.

The first section in the branding manager is the header tab. Let’s enter your site name, and then add a slogan. Let’s hit save to apply the changes. Now, let’s refresh on the catalog. I’ve refreshed, now I’ve got my store name and my slogan.

The next section to the branding manager is the company info. Here, you can set your address and phone numbers; and also email addresses.

The next section is SEO. Here you can enter your site meta description, meta keywords, and meta title. Your description should be a few sentences about your site. Your keywords are comma-separated words.  Each word should be important to your search engine index.

In a meta-title, should be your store name and a few other important keywords. If you sell a specific thing, you might want to mention that in the title.

Next are your social links. Here you can put links to your Facebook or Twitter pages. You have several other places to put links to other social networks.

And finally, the footer text. Here we recommend a copyright statement but you can add whatever you need for your footer text.

Now, let’s go back and take a look. Here I’ve got my store name and my slogan. I’ve also got my email address and phone number. If I scroll to the bottom, I now see my copyright, my Facebook and my Twitter links.

One last thing, if you do have a logo, you can upload it here. But, even if you don’t we will show your store name at the top of the site. But let’s put a logo up. Just click on upload logo. You will see a preview there, and then hit save. Let’s go back to the catalog, and refresh, and there’s your logo.

Thanks for watching.

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