Setup Shipping

Hello. In this video we’re gonna look at how to configure your shipping.

Shipping is handled in the add-on store.

You’ll find the add on icon in the left section menu.

Clicking on add-ons, go to the shipping category.

Here you’ll see a collection of shipping modules ready to install.

Modules that are installed have the word setup.

Modules that are not yet installed, but are available, say install on the button.

By default, the free shipping module is enabled on your Loaded 7 store.

This allows you to place test orders without having to pay for shipping.

In order to enable a shipping module that you would like to calculate shipping, select one from the list of calculators and choose Install.

As you can see, there is a description for each one.

Some calculate based on formula, others calculate based on rates provided by shippers, like US Postal Service or FedEx.

Here we are going to install the flat rate shipping, which is going to charge one fee for the entire order.

I choose install and click on yes for enable.

Every shipping module has different options.

This one asks me to setup what are the shipping costs.

I’m going to change this to 10; click on the field, type in ten dollars.

What’s common to every shipping module is whether or not you want to charge tax on the shipping fee, or if you want to limit the shipping to a particular zone, like a state.

Here we have Florida configured for a zone, but we’re not going to choose that.

We also have taxable goods for a tax class, but we’re not going to choose that.

If your business requires that you set up some shipping options for some states, and others for others, you would create those zones; which will go over in another video.

At this point, I’m ready to save my module and I can see now that my flat rate shipping is installed and is green.

If I want to change it, I can click on setup again, make any changes that I need, and click Save.

To make sure we have our flat rate shipping show up, we have one last thing to do.

We need to turn off free shipping, or set the threshold higher than zero.

At this point, free shipping will override any other shipping option, if the order threshold is met.

Which at 0 will be all orders. So, we’re going to turn this off for now.

All we have to do is say, no we do not want to enable this add on at this time; click Save. Now we can see free shipping is gray, letting you know that it’s no longer active.

That’s it for this video

Thanks for watching

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