Setup Taxes

In this tutorial, we will show you how to setup tax calculation in your Loaded 7 Store.
First, we have to set the states we operate in.
Loaded 7 has two places to set the states.
First is the main configuration, which sets the primary state you operate out of.

The Main Configuration

Go to Setting Menu (the Gear icon).
Then Setup.
Then choose Configuration
Under My Store choose Zone – Edit the zone
Select your state from the drop down.

Zone Groups

The second place is the Local Zone Group. This allows you to setup all the states you operate out of.
Go to Setup, Locale menu.
And choose Zones.
The Zone Group is a container, as indicated by the Folder icon.
Rename the zone group to the name of the state you collect taxes in.
Click Edit next to the zone group.
Edit the Name and the Description


Now that we have a name and a description for the zone group, let’s edit the states in this zone group.
For most U.S. businesses, each zone group will have one state in it.
To manage the state assigned to the zone group, click on the folder icon or the name of the zone group.
You can see one record with a state and country listed. Click edit.
Choose your state.
Click Save.

Tax Classes

Now that Loaded 7 knows what your primary state and all the possible states you operate in, we can set the tax rate.
Under Settings, go to Setup then Tax Classes.
You can have multiple Tax Classes, each with multiple rates.
For most US businesses a single class and rate is sufficient.
Loaded 7 comes with a default Tax Class called “taxable goods”. If you only need one tax class, you can just edit this one.
Click on the folder or name of the tax class.
Now you see the rates listed.

Tax Rates

Click Edit for the tax rate.
Now you see the State and the numeric rate.
If we only have one state in our Zone group, it is pre-selected here.
Change the numeric rate to your tax rate.
This should include your county surcharges.
Edit the text description, which appears next to the calculated amount on your orders.
Click Save.

Tax Class on Your Products

To charge tax on products ordered you have to assign a tax class to your products when you create or edit them.
Go to the Product section in the Left Navigation.
Select Edit a Product.
Go to the Data Tab, and select the Tax Class for the product.

Now your site will collect the proper taxes for products that qualify.

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