Add Ons Store

NOTE: Top Admin Privileges are needed to use the Add Ons Store.

While Loaded 7 is the base program for running an e-commerce business, Add Ons are modules created by Loaded Commerce and third party independent developers, designed to add functionality to your store. The Add On section is a real time catalog with all the available Add Ons. From this tool  you can find, install, configure, and uninstall the Add Ons.

In order for an Add On to work within your store, it first has to be downloaded and installed.

The Add Ons Store within Loaded 7 is located within the Settings menu of Loaded 7. To get there, select the Settings button from the Admin User Panel, as in Figure 1.
figure 1 - add ons store

Figure 1 – Add Ons Store

When you select the Settings button, the blue Settings menu will open as in Figure 2. Select Add Ons to continue.
figure 2 - add ons store

Figure 2 – Add Ons Store

Selecting the Add Ons button as in figure 2, this will bring you to the Featured Add Ons in the Add Ons Store, as in Figure 3.
Figure 3 - Add Ons Store

Figure 3 – Add Ons Store

Here is an explanation of the module types found in the Add Ons Store:

  • Featured – newly released Add Ons that we want you to be aware of.

  • Payment – Add Ons that handle purchase transactions between your customers and the cart.

  • Paypal – Modules created for use with Paypal.
  • Shipping – Add Ons that handle shipping options

  • Pro Template Pack – Add Ons that include template only available in the Pro version of Loaded7

  • Inventory – Add Ons that manage your product inventory.

  • Templates – Add Ons that offer templates that customize your store’s appearance.

  • Checkout – Add Ons that manage the checkout process.

  • Catalog – Add Ons that manage your catalogs and product categories.

  • Admin – Add Ons that enhance the admin functions-

  • Reports – Add Ons that manage reports of your cart’s performance.

Using the Add Ons Store

The Add Ons Store is where Loaded 7 ‘stores’ it’s modules, or Add Ons. It is a found within your online store’s admin and allows you additional automation options that expand what your store is capable of. To benefit from purchase, shipping or other automated Add Ons, you need to install and enable them. All Add Ons follow the same steps before they are operational:

  • Installation

  • Setup

  • Enabling

 Installing Add Ons

All Add Ons can be installed in the exact same way. To do so, simply click the Install button for the corresponding Add On as in Figure 4.
Figure 4 - Add Ons Installation

Figure 4 – Add Ons Installation

When you click the Install button, Loaded 7 will begin installing the chosen Add On by presenting you with the Setup window immediately as in Figure 5, a payment Add On setup screen. At this point, Loaded 7 needs information in order to set up the Add On.
Figure 5 - Add Ons Installation Screen

Figure 5 – Add Ons Installation Screen

Setting Up an Add On

After installing each Add On you will have to set it up. This means configuring it with information that is unique to your store and the service accounts that you should already have registered for. Different types of Add Ons require different information to set them up.  All Add Ons have two phases, enabled and disabled. Refer to Figure 5, above as an example of ‘Enable Add On to either Yes or No’. Loaded 7 will not recognize an installed or setup Add On unless it is enabled.

While we have shown you what the Install button looks like prior to clicking it, in Figure 4, here is what the same screen looks like with some of the Add Ons installed, as a comparison between installed and uninstalled Add Ons. See Figure 6.
Figure 6 - Add Ons Store

Figure 6 – Add Ons Store

And again, to enable an Add On that you have already installed, select the Setup button and change the status from Disabled to Enabled.

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