Add Ons Overview

The Add Ons section of Loaded 7 lists and helps you manage the add ons that you download and install to augment your store’s operation.  All of the basic functions that allow your store to operate come with Loaded 7, but extra features and options have been development by Loaded Commerce and some third party developers to customize your store’s operation based on your business needs.  Add Ons come in 5 categories presently with 4 more categories due to be added soon.  Those current categories are-


  • Payment – Add Ons made to help with receiving payment from customers.

  • PayPal – Special Add Ons developed by PayPal for use with their services.

  • Shipping – Add Ons that help connect your store with shipping providers.

  • Inventory – Add Ons that help manage your store’s products inventory.

  • Templates – Add Ons that affect and manage the structure and theme of your store’s public catalog.


Image 1 – Add Ons


Note – All Add Ons must be installed through Loaded 7 and only work with Loaded 7.  To download, install and use, see Installing Add Ons in the Loaded 7 PRO guide.

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