Admin Overview

Dashboard Overview

The Dashboard is the Start page or Home page of your Loaded 7 Admin. The Dashboard is designed to keep the operation of your store as simple as possible. It includes the following sections, all links to their own sections:


Image 1 – Dashboard

Quick Select Nav Bar

This Navigation Bar is present and the same no matter where you are within Loaded 7. Unlike its counterpart, the Admin Navigation Menu, which changes depending on your selection, this one, is designed to give you a quick ‘fire escape’ to the Dashboard, or any of the other departments of your back office. There are 8 items in this Navigation Bar. Here is a quick look at them:

  • Dashboard – the user interface/display.

  • Orders – all orders made by customers in your cart.

  • Customers – all customers with registered accounts.

  • Products – all products that you sell in this cart.

  • Content – text, categories, links and images that you add to your cart.

  • Marketing – managing banners, newsletters and coupons.

  • Add Ons – additional free or paid modules for your cart.

  • Reports – all information to monitor your cart with.


Image 2 – Quick Select Nav Bar

Reports Display Area

These blocks are widgets that display different types of information a cart owner or manager will want to have in front of them as soon as they log in. Each of these is generated by activity in the cart from the moment a customer registers with the cart, selects an item, and completes a purchase transaction.

  • Store Performance – past sales performance of the store over time.

  • Latest Customers – a list of the most recently registered customers.

  • Revenue Snapshot – revenue totals over the last 24 hours, two months and past year.

  • Latest Orders – the most recent orders placed by customers.

Report Blocks

Image 3 – Reports Display Area

Live Store URL

This click-able area immediately launches a new tab in the browser window and live store pages.

Click on the high lighted area within your own store’s Dashboard to visit the life website of your store without having to ‘save’ any work you’ve done in Loaded 7 before hand.  Changes made and enabled or saved within Loaded 7 affect your store in real time.



Store URL

Image 4- Live Store URL

Profile Management

The Admin User Profile box confirms who is logged into the Admin and currently working in it. You can Edit the User profile, or Change the Password or Log-out from this location. You can Add or Delete a User profile only from the Administrator Menu (Settings–>Setup–>Administrator). Image 5A shows the Admin User Panel closed, Image 5B shows the Panel open after you select it.

To edit you user profile, go to the User Profile Manager.

Figure 2 - Admin User Panel Open

Image 5A – Admin User Panel Open

Figure 1 - Admin User Panel Closed

Image 5B – Admin User Panel Closed


This is your back office search function that searches within the cart’s database as you type.

For more information on using the Search tool, scroll down to Search in the Admin User Toolbar.


Image 7 – Search Tool

Quick Add

This is a quick information add option in Loaded 7, located in the Admin User Profile. This option allows you, no matter where you are in the back office.  To ‘quick add’ to any of the following click on a link from the list below:

  • Customer

  • Category

  • Product

  • Special

  • Coupon

  • Manufacturer

  • Banner

  • Newsletter

Quick Add

Image 8 – Quick Adds


Messages is a back office messaging feature that connects you directly with tech support. The feature includes all of the following for your use as needed:

  • Compose

  • Inbox

  • Community Inbox

  • Loaded Messages

  • Sent

  • Drafts

  • Trash


Image 9 – Messages


The Settings menu allows you to manage the part of your Admin that you might hire an IT department or a web developer to handle, but here in Loaded 7 you can do this yourself after following this guide. The Settings menu allows you to manage the following areas in Loaded 7:

  • Add Onsmodules that can allow you to customize your e-commerce cart.

  • Setupareas where the ‘nuts and bolts’ to your website(s) are found.

  • System Toolsactual in-store applications that help keep things running.

  • Report IssuesFind a bug?  Don’t sweep it under the rug, let us know.

  • Get Help – Depending on your level of support, either connect to the forums or post a support ticket with our tech support department.


Image 10 – Settings

Admin Navigation Menu

The Admin Navigation Menu is the set of green tabs in the center of the Admin Panel to the right of the screen. These navigation buttons are also on the left hand side of the screen at all time, known as the Quick Select Navigation Bar. These navigation bars allows greater access to your back office. Here you can select main topic menus and any of their underlying menu options as needed.
Your chosen window dimensions affect this menu bar. The screenshot in Image 11A is of a full sized window, but reduce that and you are left with the Quick Select Navigation Bar, as in Image 11B. This menu has all of the menu options for Loaded 7 within it and a short breakdown of those menus follows:

  • Orders – purchases and transactions involving currency with customers for goods or services.

  • Customers – registered visitors to your store who you hope will buy things.

  • Products – the objects or services that you sell.

  • Content – all images, text, categories and links within your website/cart.

  • Marketing – from your Admin, you can manage your own customer service department.

  • Reports – these data tables are generated by Loaded 7 and are based on store performance and visitor interest.

Image 11A – Admin Navigation

Image 11B – Admin Navigation

Current URL for QR Code

If you have a QR app on your smartphone or tablet and wish to have the same access to Loaded 7 on that device as you would on another device, scan the QR code on any page of your Loaded 7 Admin.
QR Code for Current URL

Image 12 – QR Code for Current URL

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