Admin User Toolbar

The Admin User Toolbar gives you four dynamic tools to help you navigate your existing database Search, add to that database from anywhere in Loaded 7, a back office Message center, and your Settings menu.  All tucked neatly into the Admin User Panel, as in image 1.

What you can do:

  1. Search your store information database.
  2. Quick Add a new-customer, product, etc.

  3. Send and receive messages in the Message Center.
  4. Configure your store settings in Settings.

Figure 1 – Admin User Toolbar

Image 1 – Admin User Toolbar


The Search tool in Loaded 7 is designed to make searching through your store’s database as easy and functional as possible.  The Search tool is key press or a mouse click away from always finding what you need within your store’s database.  To begin a search:

  1. Press the space-bar once while in any screen in Loaded 7 to open the Search window as seen in image 2
    1. Press the space bar a second time and a total listing of your store’s database will appear as a default setting to help begin your search.
    2. KEEP IN MIND if you double tap the space bar, you’ll have to delete the space before you type in your search query or Loaded 7 will not be able to locate your request.
  2. Select the magnifying glass image in the toolbar of the Loaded 7 Admin User Panel as in image 2.
  3. Search terms are letter sensitive and your list of searchable options changes with each key stroke.
search tool 001

Image 2 – Admin User Toolbar Search

Quick Adds

The Quick Adds tool allows you to add new information to your store without having to be in the corresponding section, at either a few keystrokes or mouse clicks.  The items you can add are seen here in image 3 and are-

  • Customer
  • Category

  • Product

  • Special

  • Coupon

  • Manufacturer

  • Banner

  • Newsletter
figure 2

Image 3 – Admin User Toolbar Quick Adds

You can access the Quick Adds menu in two ways

  1. Select the Quick Adds icon, option 2 in figure 1 above.  -OR-

  2. Press the ‘A’ key on your keyboard from anywhere in Loaded 7.

  3. When you do so, the menu in image 4 will open

To Quick Add

  1. With the menu open you can either mouse click to select the item you are adding or use keystrokes to select it.
  2. In the open menu, each item’s keystroke is displayed on the right of hand side.
  3. Selecting any one will open similar add windows, like this one for Quick Adding a new Customer.

Image 4 – Quick Adds

For more information about adding anything to your store, refer to the guide for each section.  (i.e., Products, Customers, Content)

Message Center

The Message Center of Loaded 7 allows you to set up an in store message center to stay in touch with customers, manufacturers and anyone else in relation to your online store.  Though it isn’t available in the free edition or the Pro version, the B2B versions will allow you to-

  • Compose a new message.

  • Receive messages in your personal inbox.

  • Receive messages in a community inbox.

  • Receive messages in a Loaded Commerce inbox.

  • View and manage sent messages.

  • Save drafts of messages you are working on.

  • And move everything to a Trash folder within Loaded 7.

Figure 5 - Admin User Toolbar Messaging

Image 5 – Admin User Toolbar Messaging


The Settings tool of Loaded 7 groups all of the areas of Loaded 7 that directly affect the daily operation of the program and your eCommerce store.  When you select the Settings icon, this menu, as in image 5, will open.


Settings manages the following areas

  • Add Ons-Modules that you can add on to your store to augment what it is capable of.

  • Setup-Options that help your store from an empty download to a functional eCommerce platform.

  • System Tools-areas that might help your store operate and may need regular attention.

  • Report Issues-If something happens to the normal operation of your store, this option will take you to our support website.

  • Get Help-If you are stumped and either using the free version or you wish to see postings of developers as well as store owners, select this to visit our documentation site.

Figure 6 - Admin User Toolbar Settings

Image 6 – Admin User Toolbar Settings

Because of the large size of Add Ons, Setup and System Tools, they will all be explained in individual chapters.


Report Issues

If you run across any issues that impede the normal functionality of your store, select this option to be taken to our support site, where you can search the existing knowledge base, submit a support ticket or catch up on developer news.
Figure 7 - Admin User Toolbar Report Issues

Image 7 – Admin User Toolbar Report Issues

Get Help

If Loaded 7 is working perfectly and you need information on how to do something, select this option to be taken our User Guides and Community Forums to help find your answer.
Get Help 001

Image 8 – Admin User Toolbar Get Help

To return to Admin Overview.

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