The Customers section of Loaded 7 allows you to manage your store’s customers as a listing and within the groups that they may be assigned to. When you select the Customer’s button in the Dashboard, you are brought to this menu, in Figure 1. From here you can decide to manage the Customer’s List or the Customer Groups. A short definition of each:

  • Customers List – your listing of all customers registered with your store.

  • Customer Groups – listing the groups that customers can be placed in for easy management.

Figure 1 - Customers Menu

Figure 1 – Customers Menu

Customers List

To manage the Customers List, click on it and you will be brought to this page, Figure 1. Below you will see two example customers that we included in the test store. Using the Customers List, you can edit their information in your database, delete them or check on orders they have placed. You can also add new customers using the new customer option. And you can use the With Selected option in the bottom right to select customer’s individually and delete as well.
Figure 2 - Customers List

Figure 2 – Customers List

Customer Groups

When you select the option for Customer Groups you are taken to this page, Figure 1. From this page you can manage the details of the two customer groups that Loaded 7 supports upon install. Both Retail or Wholesale groups can be edited using the Edit button under actions. You can have multiple groups made as needed, like Suppliers, etc., as determined by the store owner and the needs of the store. You can also delete either group with the delete button.
Figure 1 - Customer Groups

Figure 1 – Customer Groups

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