Customers Overview

The Customers section of Loaded 7 allows you to manage you store’s customers when they register and whenever they order something.  You can also organize them into groups that you can customize.  There are two areas to the Customers section-

Customers List- The entire list of all of your store’s customers.  Image 1A.

Customer Groups- A way to manage and organize customers into groups with preset factors.  Image 2B.


What you can do-

In Customers List you can-

  • Add a New Customer.
  • Edit Customer Information.
  • Create an Order.
  • Login as a Customer in Pro.
  • View Orders. 

Image 1A – Customers List

In Customer Groups you can-

    • Add a New Group.
    • Edit a Group.
    • Delete a Group.
    • Customize a Group.



Image 2A – Customer Groups


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