Dashboard Overview

When you first log in to Loaded 7, your ‘HOME’ or ‘START’ page will be the Loaded 7 Dashboard page. This page, as seen in Image 1, hosts all of the menus and reports that you would want to have immediately available, at the touch of a button, mouse click or finger swipe. To the left is an area of vertical icons called the Quick Select Nav Bar.  This allows quick navigation to the main pages each section of Loaded 7, such as:


Quick Select Nav Bar

  • Dashboard– Returns you to the Dashboard from anywhere in Loaded 7.

  • Orders– Connects you to the Orders List page.

  • Customers– Brings you to the Customers List page.

  • Products– Takes you to the Products List page.

  • Content– You will arrive at Category Pages.

  • Marketing– Starts you off with Branding Manager.

  • Add Ons– Begins with the Add Ons store.

  • Reports– Shows you the Statistics page.


Image 1A Loaded 7 Dashboard

Reports Display Area

In the center of the Dashboard are four types of reports constantly generated by Loaded 7.  Those reports are:

  • Store Performance- Tracking the performance of your store for the past 30 days.

  • Latest Customers- A list of the most recent customers to register with your store.

  • Revenue Snapshot- Totals from the previous day, month and year.

  • New Orders- The most recent orders placed by your customers.


Admin User Panel


To the right of the screen is an area we call the Admin User Panel.  This area has many features that make the configuration and administration of your store as easy as possible:

  1. Live Store URL-This links you directly to your store in real time.

  2. Admin User Profile-This area helps manage the profile of user presently logged into your store.

  3. Admin User Toolbar-This has your Search tool, Quick Adds option, Messaging center and Settings menu.

  4. Admin User Menu-Gives you access to all of the catalog features of Loaded 7.

  5. Admin QR Code-Scan the image that pops up with a bar code reader from a smartphone or tablet and you can continue managing your store from your internet ready, handheld device.


To return to the Admin Overview.



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