The Marketing section of Loaded 7 is your own in-house advertising and public relations department of your store. As with all departments of Loaded 7 they are designed to be managed by one owner/manager or even a team of managers each focusing on one or two aspects.  The Marketing section is made up of 4 sub-sections that help you manage different aspects of one major task: communicating with your customers and client base.

Loaded 7 lets you do this in several ways:

  • Coupon Manager – allows you to convey a certain savings or value along with a short time code or duration to benefit from, usually as part of a newsletter, e-mail or other publication.

  • Newsletter Manager – organizes any newsletter, email or product notification and your mailing list so that all you have to do is cut and paste your information into the field and then send it.

  • Banner Manager – a banner is a coupon that is also an image link connected to a page on your store.

  • Branding Manager – allows you to manage social media, SEO, headers, footer and other company information.

In the following sections we will explain how to use these features.

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