Banner Manager

The Banner Manager of Loaded 7, (Figure 1), allows you to manage the banners for your store by letting you add new ones, edit existing ones and delete them. You can also check the statistics on your banner from the manager as well.
Figure 1 - Banner Manager

Figure 1 – Banner Manager

Adding a New Banner

To add a new banner, select the Add New Banner button in the Banner Manager. When this dialog box opens up, follow the steps below.

  1. Enter the title of your banner.

  2. If your banner is an image saved on an accessible website somewhere, enter the URL for the site.

  3. Enable the banner to open in a new window or not.

  4. If the banner is an image file saved locally, click the select button to open the file manager so you can select and upload the image file for the banner or you can enter the local command path for the image.

  5. If you have it, enter the path for the Image Save To location.

  6. If the banner is HTML code generated, enter or cut and paste the code here.

  7. Enter the scheduled start date, followed by the expiration date.

  8. Enter the maximum number of impressions, or page views that banner will be active for.

  9. The following are rules that may explain the process further. Scrolling to the bottom of the dialog box will reveal them as well:

Figure 2 - Add New Banner

Figure 2 – Add New Banner

Banner Notes:

  • Use an image or HTML text for the banner – NOT BOTH.

  • HTML Text has priority over an image

Image Notes:

  • Upload target directories must have proper user (write) permissions setup!

  • Do not fill out the Save To field if you are not uploading an image to the web-server (i.e., you are using a local (server-side) image).

  • The Save To field must be an existing directory with an ending slash (banners/).

Expiry Notes:

  • Only one of the two fields should be submitted

  • If the banner is not to expire automatically, then leave these fields blank

Schedule Notes:

  • If a schedule is set, the banner will be activated on that date.

  • All scheduled banners are marked as inactive until their date has arrived, to which they will then be marked active.

 Editing a Banner

Like many areas of Loaded 7, editing a banner uses the exact same dialog box as Add a New Banner does.  You can follow the above steps, changing the information that you need to change and keeping everything else the same and then select Save in the dialog box to confirm.

 Copying a Banner

Select the Copy button above for the banner you wish to copy and select copy again in the dialog box to confirm.

 Deleting a Banner

Select the Copy button above for the banner you wish to copy and select copy again in the dialog box to confirm.

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