Marketing Overview

The Marketing section of Loaded 7 helps you manage all of the efforts to reach out to your customer base as possible through your store.  You can advise your customer of new products, price changes and other store related news through the following means-

Branding Manager-

Helps you manage areas of your catalog that display your store and brand information.  Areas include-

  • Home Page-change anything about the home page that you wish, including text, images and video
  • Header-Edit the text for the header that appears in the very top of the browser window.
  • Company Info-Edit and update your company information are.
  • SEO-Manage your store’s Search Engine Optimization factors.
  • Social Links-Manage any social networks that might have a built in customer base for your products.
  • Footer Text-Edit information that appears at the bottom of a the customer’s browser window.
  • Custom CSS-For those with CSS experience.

Image 1 – Branding Manager

Coupon Manager-

  • Create and manage coupons that can be sent out with e-mails, as part of newsletters or other ways and that allow a price break each time the customer uses them.

Image 2 – Coupon Manager

Banner Manager-

  • Create and manage banners that often appear at the top of a web page and can become part of banner exchanges and affiliate marketing with other websites.

Image 3 – Banner Manager

Newsletter Manager-

    • Write or import a newsletter copy and send it out to all of your customers who choose to receive it.  Include interest features about your products, notice of price breaks or specials, upcoming product availability start or end dates, etc.

Image 4 – Newsletter Manager

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