Newsletter Manager

The Newsletter Manager (Figure 1) allows you to manage three methods of communication with your clients. Through e-mail, newsletters and product notifications, you can keep your customers aware of anything going on with your store and its products. The manager allows you to add a new newsletter, edit an existing one, send one out to your mailing list, and delete them.
Figure 1 - Newsletter Manager

Figure 1 – Newsletter Manager

Add a New Newsletter

There are only three items needed to add a new newsletter. When you select Add New Newsletter, this box opens:

  1. Decide whether you are sending an e-mail, newsletter or product notification.

  2. Enter the title of the mailing.

  3. Enter the coding or text of the newsletter.

  4. Select Save to confirm.

Figure 2 - Add a New Newsletter

Figure 2 – Add a New Newsletter

Edit a Newsletter

Select the Edit button above for the newsletter you wish to edit. The dialog box is exactly the same as the Add New Newsletter box. Change the information you need to change and select edit again in the dialog box to confirm.

Send a Newsletter

Select the Send button above for the banner you wish to send. You will see a list of all of the customers that wish to receive your newsletter or other mailing. Select all customers, or select them individually and then select continue again in the dialog box to confirm.

Delete a Newsletter

Select the Delete button above for the newsletter you wish to delete and select delete again in the dialog box to confirm.

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