Orders are transactions created by customers when they choose to purchase an item or service from your store.  Loaded 7 organizes and tracks all orders from the time of their creation until they are no longer active.  Loaded 7 then presents this information, including the ability to customize an order status, into two sub-sections of the Orders section.  Those sub-sections are:


  • Orders List: Every order placed in your store.

  • Order Statuses: Customize your store’s order statuses.



Orders List

The Orders List is where Loaded 7 organizes every order placed in your store’s catalog.  Each order is given a status depending on the process level that the order is in.  Other details that Loaded 7 organizes an order in, are:

  • Tag ID: The order number assigned when the order was placed.  Clickable to the order itself.
  • Customer Name: The name of the account that created the order.
  • Country: The country of origin of the customer.
  • Items: Number of items purchased in the order.
  • Order Total: Sale price of the order displayed according to your currency settings.
  • Date: Actual date that the order was created.
  • Time: Time of day that the order was created.
  • Status: Current status that the order resides in.

Figure 1 – Orders List

Note: All of the above options can be seen when you are in Orders List and have a pretty good sized screen open as Loaded 7 will collapse down to the most important details on smaller screens.

You can also take the action of editing or deleting an order


Editing An Order

    1. Select the Edit button for the order you wish to edit.  See figure 1.
    2. You will be taken to the Order Summary tab within the order itself.  Refer to figure 2 .
    3. Notice your Actions in the top right corner, as in figure 3.  They are present in all tabs in this section.  Those are:
      1. Print Invoice
      2. Print Packing Slip
      3. Go To Customer
      4. Cancel Editing
    4. In the Summary tab you can:
      1. Change the Current Status of the order.  This should be helpful if you’ve been manually processing orders and need to know where to update the status yourself.
      2. Send a message to the customer about the order.
      3. Make an admin note about the customer or transaction.
    5. In the Products tab:
      1. You can edit or delete a product from the order.
        1. When editing a product in this case, you can change the actual item from a drop menu, change the price of the item and the quantity being sold.
        2. You can also add a product to the order, from a drop menu as well.
        3. To delete an item from the order:
          1. Select the Delete button for the item you wish to delete.
          2. Confirm your decision to delete the item in the next window.
    6. In the Status History tab you can view the Current Status of an order and any attached comments.
    7. Transaction History shows you the transaction history of the order.
    8. Check the Order Totals for a last chance to confirm the order or add to it.

Figure 2 – Orders Editing an Order


Figure 3 – Orders Summary Tab


Figure 4 – Orders Products Tab



Deleting An Order

  1. Select the Delete button for the order you wish to delete.
  2. Decide if the order items will be restocked or not.


Order Statuses

There are 3 status types that Loaded 7 recognizes as it moves an order from start to finish.  Those status types are:


  • Pending: Orders that have not met financial requirements and still need to be processed.
  • Approved:Orders that have been approved financially and can move on to shipping and delivery.
  • Rejected:Orders that have failed to be approved financially.

Loaded 7 will let you customize the names of those status types.  When you add a new one or edit them, you decide the name and which status type to assign it to.  You can also delete any status type except the default type.  The one Loaded 7 applies to every new order until it is processed.  Pending.

Adding/Editing an Order Status

  1. Select either the Add New Status button or the Edit button for the status you wish to edit.
  2. Choose a name for the status.
  3. Choose a status type.
  4. Choose whether the status is the default status or not.Insert your text here.
  5. Select Cancel or Save.

Figure 5 – Orders Add/Edit Status

Deleting an Order Status

  1. Select the Delete button for the order status you want to delete.
  2. Loaded 7 will ask you to confirm this choice.



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