Product Specials

The Product Specials section allows you to manage any special pricing options you may want to set for your products. You can add new specials, or delete them here.

To add a new product special, follow these steps, as in Figure 1

  • Select the Add New Special button in Product Specials.

  • When the dialog box opens, decided which product the special pricing will affect.

  • Enter the special price percentage.

  • Enter the special price amount.

  • Choose whether the price special will be active now or later.

  • Choose the start date.

  • Choose the expiration date.

  • Select Save to confirm the price special.

Figure 1 - Add New Special

Figure 1 – Add New Special

To delete a Product Special, select the Delete button in the row of the special you wish to delete.  A dialog box will open asking you to confirm this choice. Select Delete again to confirm.

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