Products Overview

The Products List menu allows you to easily manage the products in your store. The Products menu option is located within the green tabbed menu in the Admin User Panel, as seen in the bottom right of Figure 1.  Before adding products, you will need to go to Content and create your Product Categories first.

Selecting Products from either the Quick Select Nav Bar on the left or the Admin User Menu on the right will bring you to the Products List as a starting point.  There you will see every product that has been added to your store as well as the following options:

  • Add a New Product-add a new product to your store’s catalog.
  • Edit a Product-edit a product in your catalog.
  • Copy a Product-copy a product to a different category.
  • View in Catalog-view the product in a new window in your catalog.
  • Delete a Product-delete a product from the catalog.

We will cover all of the above options following this overview.


Admin User Menu Options

  • Products List – From this location, you can ADD new products, EDIT products, COPY a product or DELETE a product.

  • Option Manager – The Option Manager allows you to add, list and delete product variations.

  • Featured Products- Maintain a Featured Products list.
  • Product Specials – Add new product specials, list them and delete them.

  • Products Expected – A separate listing of products scheduled for availability when you add or edit the product.

  • Manufacturers – A listing of manufacturers of your products.

  • Reviews – Customer reviews of your products.

  • Settings – Allows you to manage images and weight classes

Figure 1 – Products Admin User Panel

Figure 1 – Products Admin User Panel

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