Products Overview

The Products section of Loaded 7 lists all of the products that you add to the store.  It also lets you manage many of the factors that Loaded 7 uses to present each product to your customers through the store catalog.  The Products section has the following departments-

  • Products List-

    • A listing of every product that you enter and wish to sell through the store catalog.  This is the nerve center of all of the options you have for your products.  You can-
      • Add a New Product.
      • Edit a Product.
      • Copy a Product from one category folder to another.
      • View the Product in a pop up catalog page.
      • Delete the Product.
    • The Products List displays only the necessary information of each product.  These factors include-
      • Name/Model/SKU Identifier
      • Category
      • Class
      • Price
      • Quantity
      • Status

Image 1A – Products List

  • Options Manager-

    • The Options Manager lists all of the option groups that you might set up for your products.  Option variants are organized into groups and those groups are created and managed here.  You can-
      • Add a New (Options) Group.
      • Edit a Group.
      • Delete a Group.
    • The process of creating a product variant and the group to organize them will be explained in this guide.

Image 1B – Products Options Manager

  • Featured Products-

    • A listing of products that you have set to be presented in the Featured Products display in the catalog.
    • You can add and manage Featured products here.

Image 1C – Featured Products

  • Product Specials-

    • A listing of products that you have set to be presented with a price Special and displayed in the catalog.
    • You can add and manage product Specials here.

Image 1D – Product Specials

  • Products Expected-

    • A listing of products that will be available for sale in the catalog in the near future.
    • The product can be displayed in the store but not available for sale until a preset date, in the Data tab of Adding a New Product in the Products List.

Image 1E – Products Expected

  • Manufacturers-

    • A listing of all of the manufacturer’s of all of the products that you sell or display in your catalog.
    • You can add and manage your store’s manufacturers here.

1F – Manufacturers

  • Reviews-

    • A listing of product reviews left by your customers in the catalog.
    • Reviews can be edited or deleted but not created from this section.

1G – Reviews

  • Settings-

    • These settings support functions that support the display of each product in your store-
      • Image Groups.
      • Product Classes.
      • Weight Classes.

Image 1H – Image Groups

  • Products Import/Export-

    • This is an database level import/export utility that helps you direct the import and export of product files to the right place within Loaded 7.
    • You can import/export-
      • Individual products.
      • Product categories.
      • Product groups.
      • Product variants.

Image 1I – Products Import/Export

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