Settings Overview

The Settings button opens the blue tabbed Settings menu, which opens in place of the green tabbed Admin Navigation Bar, as in Figure 1. There are five options in the Settings menu, and those are:

  • Add Ons – Modules designed to customize and expand your cart.

  • Setup – Options that help you set your cart and Admin up from installation.

  • System Tools – Options that help manage your Admin.

  • Report Issues – Allows you to report problems with your Admin.

  • Get Help – For any problem that you encounter, get help from one of our experienced support techs.
Figure 1 - Settings Admin Panel

Figure 1 – Settings Admin Panel

Add Ons

Add Ons are modules that are added on to the cart after it is installed. They expand on certain functions that may be supported at basic levels within the initial cart installation. They also provide customers with the satisfaction of shopping on a website that uses similar security protocols that they are familiar with from other eCommerce sites. Some modules require you to have merchant accounts with third party service providers like Amazon or eBay. The module topics are:

  • Payment-Modules that handle and track credit card purchases and transactions.

  • Shipping-Modules for individual or multiple shipping providers.

  • Theme-Modules that determine the overall theme and layout of your cart and website.

  • Checkout-Modules assist customers finalize their purchases with your store.

  • Catalog-Modules that help manage your catalog.

  • Admin-Modules that further expand on what needs to be done through the Admin of your cart.

  • Reports-Modules that help generate greater detail in reports needed to track and manage your store.

  • Connectors-Modules related to social media and other types of networking.

  • Other-Modules not fitting into the above criteria.
Figure 2 - Settings Payment Add Ons

Figure 2 – Settings Payment Add Ons


The Setup menu options allow you to configure your store and provide it with necessary information to be able to operate. The options, as in figure 1, are:

  • Configuration-Change or edit store information, like the store name, owner name, product information, and regulations.

  • Administration-Add and manage who has access to the Admin and in what group they are in.

  • Languages-Import and manage supported languages for your store.

  • Currencies-Add new currencies, manage them and set a default.

  • Tax Classes-Add and manage tax classes for use with your store.

  • Locale-Add and manage countries that can access Loaded 7 and your store.  Also Add and manage the tax and shipping zones of your customers.

  • Credit Cards-Add and manage what credit cards can make purchases on your store.

  • Modules-An access point to the modules used by Loaded 7.  In addition to getting there through Add Ons.

  • Templates-Add and manage available, supported templates for your store.

  • Templates Modules-Add and manage modules for your templates of your store.

  • Templates Modules Layout-Allows you to manage the layout of either boxes or content within your store.

System Tools

Your System Tools manage Loaded 7 itself. The menu has the following options:

  • Administrators Log-All updates to Loaded 7 by every admin user.

  • Backup Manager-A listing of every backup made.

  • Cache Control-All of the cache blocks made and updated by Loaded 7.

  • Error Log-A listing of errors as they occur.

  • File Manager-A listing of the file of Loaded 7 within the folder you have installed it to on your server or hosting provider’s server.

  • Server Information-Information about your server that Loaded 7 tracks.

  • Core Updates-Where you can select the option of updating Loaded 7 whenever a new update is available.

Report Issues

This is a link pointing right at Selecting it will open a new window to our support website. Any time you are having trouble with something as a subscriber to our support services, select this button, login and create a support ticket.

Get Help

This is a link pointing to This opens to our support memberships site where you can purchase a support membership.

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