The Reports section of Loaded 7 is programmed to give you as much information about your store in the shortest amount of time.  These reports track new customers, best viewed products and sales figures generated by your store.  This information is presented to you in different sections designed to avoid confusion and help you manage your store as easily as possible. There are two ways to reach the Reports section, either the Quick Select Nav Bar or the User Admin Menu.  Those two areas are–>


The Statistics area contains the following reports:

Each of these reports have different options that we will explain within this guide.  To read about each one, select one of the links above.  Or the Next link below.  To activate any of these reports, select the Run button for the selected report type.  Or you can select the name of the report.

Figure 1 - Statistics

Figure 1 – Statistics

Who’s Online

The Who’s Online report shows you who is currently online in your store. It will show:

  • The country (if known) and the IP address

  • How long they have been in your store

  • The name of the customer (if registered)

  • How long ago they last clicked on something in your store

  • The last page URL they visited

  • The total amount of product in their cart

Figure 1 - Who's Online

Figure 2 – Who’s Online

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