The Setup menu options allow you to configure your store and provide it with necessary information to be able to operate. The options are:

  • Configuration – Change or edit store information, like the store name, owner name, product information, and regulations.

  • Administrator – Add and manage who has access to the Admin and in what group they are in.

  • Languages – Import and manage supported languages for your store.

  • Currencies – Add new currencies, manage them and set a default.

  • Tax Classes – Add and manage tax classes for use with your store.

  • Locale – Add and manage countries that can access Loaded 7 and your store. Also Add and manage the tax and shipping zones of your customers.

  • Credit Cards – Add and manage what credit cards can make purchases on your store.

  • Modules – An access point to the modules used by Loaded 7. In addition to getting there through Add Ons.

  • Templates – Add and manage available, supported templates for your store.

  • Templates Modules – Add and manage modules for your templates of your store.

  • Templates Modules Layout – Allows you to manage the layout of either boxes or content within your store.

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