Administrator Groups

The Administrator Groups section allows you to manage as many groups of employees or associates as you wish.  You can divide your staff up into as many groups as you wish to manage in the Groups sub section.  You can manage your staff individually in the Members sub section.  Below is an explanation of both.


This section allows you to define and manage different groups that are able to access the Admin of your store. You can add new groups, edit existing groups or delete a group as needed. When you add a new group or edit a group, you can add or change the name of the group and, using sliders, can set different permissions for each group to operate under. When you are in Groups, you’ll notice four columns as in Image 1:


  • Group Name – The name of any groups you have added, or that came pre-added.

  • Access Modules – The access and permission level that the group has.

  • Members – Number of members in a group.

  • Actions – Actions that the Top Administrator can take in regards to existing groups, such as Edit and Delete.


Image 1 – Administrator Groups


Adding or editing a new group

  • To add a new group, select the Add Group button in the top right. To edit a new group, select Edit in the Actions column of that group. For either selection, you will be taken to a similar screen.  See Image 2.
  • If you are adding a new group, you may input the name of the group in the Group Name field.  If you are editing the group and wish to change the name, enter that here.
  • Select which permission your new group will have, or change the settings for the group you are editing using the sliders. For each category you can move the blue, master slider, or you can open each category and use the more specific orange sliders for different sections within the category.
  • If you need to start your selections over, click Reset.
  • When you are finished, click Save.

Image 2 – Adding/Editing a Group

 Deleting a Group

  • To delete an existing group, select the delete button or trash can in the column of the group you wish to delete. A dialog box will open asking you to confirm your choice to delete that group. Select Cancel to change your mind and Delete to delete that group.

Image 3 – Deleting a Group


This part of Administrators allows you to manage the individual staff members who have access to the Admin of your store. You can add a new administrator, edit an existing one and delete when necessary.  Looking at the Administrators page, you will see four columns:


  • Last Name – of the member.

  • First Name – of the member.

  • E-mail Address – Contact and identifying information.

  • Actions – You can edit or delete an administrator from this column.

Image 4 – Members

Adding or Editing an Administrator

  • To add a new administrator select the Add Member button. To edit a member, select Edit in the column of the member you wish to Edit. The screen that pops up is the same either way.
  • When adding or editing a new member, enter their personal and contact information as requested.
  • You can upload a picture file of the member if you wish.
  • Select which Administrator group the member will be a part of.
  • Select Save to continue.

Image 5 – Adding or Editing a Member

Deleting an Administrator


To delete an administrator from your store, select the Delete button, Loaded 7 will ask you to confirm this choice.  When you have, the administrator you selected will be deleted.





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