The Currency section of Loaded 7 allows you to manage and configure the currencies that your cart accepts.  You can update rates, add a new currency, edit a currency or delete a currency from this section.

Update Rates

Loaded 7 pulls currency rate information from two websites, and  You will need to register an account with the former. The latter does not require an account to pull rate information. Visit the former to register an account before selecting this service to update your rates.
Update Currency Rates

Update Currency Rates

 Add a New Currency

  1. To add a new currency to those accepted by your cart, select the Add New Button.

  2. Enter in the following information for the new currency.

    1. Title – The name of the currency.

    2. Code – The global code of the new currency.

    3. Left Symbol – The symbol that would appear on the left side of the digits, if any.

    4. Right Symbol – The symbol that would appear on the right side of the digits, if any.

    5. Decimal Places – The position that the decimal point falls.

    6. Currency Value – The current value of the currency.

  3. Choose to set this currency as the default for the store.

  4. Select Save to confirm adding the currency.

 Edit Currency

  1. To Edit a Currency, select the Edit Currency button. You will be entering the same information as above for Add a New Currency.

  2. Choose to set the currency as default if necessary.

  3. Select Save to confirm any edits.

 Delete Currency

You can select to Delete any currency except your only currency and the default currency. To do so:

  1. Select the Delete button for the currency you are deleting.

  2. When the dialog box opens, confirm the deletion with a click to the Delete button. Or cancel by clicking the Cancel button.

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