The Languages section of Loaded 7 allows you to import, export and manage language packs for use with your store. You can import/export a supported language pack, edit one you already have or delete them as needed.

Importing a Language Pack

  1. Select the Import Language button.

  2. Select the language pack that you wish to download.

  3. Select one of the three options defining how your language pack is configured:

    1. Only add new records.

    2. Only update existing records.

    3. Replace all.

  4. Select Save to confirm your import.

 Exporting a Language Pack

  1. Select the Export button.

  2. When the dialog box opens, you have to choose which location(s) to export the selected language pack to. You select them individually or all together.

  3. Choose whether to Export With Language Data.

  4. Select Save to confirm the Export or Cancel to cancel the export.

Editing a Language Pack

  1. When you need to make a change to an imported language pack, select the Edit button and when the dialog button opens you can add or change information as necessary.

  2. Select Save to confirm your edits.

Deleting a Language Pack

  1. If you need to delete a Language Pack that is not designated the default pack, select the Delete button and follow the prompts that appear. You cannot delete your last or default language pack.

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