This section of Loaded 7 helps you manage which countries can visit your store, and allows you to create zone groups for customers within certain places. It is divided into two sections, Countries and Zones.


Countries allows you to manage which countries customers can visit your store from. You can add a new country, edit the country or delete the country from this listing.

Add a New Country

  1. To add a new country to this listing, select the Add New Country button. You will be asked for 4 pieces of information.

  2. Enter the following:

    1. The Name of the Country

    2. The ISO codes of the Country

    3. And the address format.

  3. Select Save to confirm the add.

 Edit a Country

  1. To Edit a Country, select the Edit button in the same row as the country you wish to edit.

  2. You will be prompted to edit the necessary information. This is the same information as when you Add a New Country.

  3. Select Save to confirm the Edit.

Delete a Country

  1. To Delete a Country, select the Delete button in the same row as the country you wish to delete.

  2. You will be asked to confirm this action.

  3. Select Delete to confirm.

 Zone Groups

Zone Groups allows you to manage zones collectively.  Zones in Loaded 7 are states, regions, provinces and other small divisions of a country. You can add new zones, edit a zone or delete zones from this part of Loaded 7.

Add New Zone

  1. To add a new zone, select the Add New Zone button.

  2. Loaded 7 only needs two bits of information:

    1. The name of the zone.

    2. The description of what the zone encompasses.

  3. Select Save to confirm your new zone.

Edit a Zone

  1. To edit a zone select the Edit button.

  2. Change either:

    1. The name.

    2. The description.

    3. Or both.

  3. Select Save to confirm your edit.

Delete a Zone

  1. To delete a zone, select the Delete button in the same row as the zone you are deleting.

  2. You cannot delete a zone if it is attached to a tax rate.

  3. Select Delete to confirm your action.

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