Core Updates

The Core Updates section allows you to update the core, download the Loaded 7 ZIP file, re-install Loaded 7, or even undo your last update.

Figure 8 - System Tools Core Updates
Figure 8 – System Tools Core Updates

Updating the Core

When you enter this section, you will see the version you are currently using at the top, with a notice on the latest version and a message whether you are up to date or need to update. If you do need to update, select the Update button, Loaded 7 will begin to update itself to the latest version.

Download ZIP

To download the ZIP file, select that button. Your browser will begin the download immediately.

Re-Installing Loaded 7

If the need arises to re-install Loaded 7, select the re-install button. Loaded 7 will perform a full re-install from the currently released version with any changes made already. You cannot re-install from a prior, or older version than what is presently offered.

Undo Last Update

If you need to undo your last update, select the Undo Last Update button. If you have multiple backups saved, Loaded 7 will give you the chance to choose which backup to return to. Otherwise, Loaded 7 will return to a previous saved backup.

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