User Profile Manager

The Loaded 7 User Profile allows the store owner or manager or anyone else that is given a username to log in or out, manage their profile and upload a profile picture if they wish.  The User Profile is located in the top right of the Loaded 7 page, as in image 1.

Image 1 – User Profile Manager

To Edit Your Profile

To Edit anything in your profile, select any area in the profile box.  It will change to a small menu that looks like image 2.


From this profile menu, you can-

  1. Edit your profile.

  2. Change your password.

  3. Log out.

  4. Close the profile menu.


Image 2 – User Profile Menu

To continue editing-

  1. Click the image under option 1 in image 2.  This image will appear, as in image 3-
  2. Change your name if needed.
  3. Change your email address if needed.
  4. Change your admin language if languages other than English are supported.
  5. Upload a profile pic.
  6. Save and continue.
  7. Cancel and continue.


Change Your Password

Should the need ever arise for you to change your password, select option 2 in image 2.  Loaded 7 will present this screen, as in image 4.

  1. Enter your current password.

  2. Enter the new password.

  3. Re-enter the new password.

  4. Save the new password.

  5. Cancel changing the password.


Logging Out

To logout of your profile and your session with Loaded 7, select option 3 in figure 2.  Loaded 7 will ask you to confirm this choice or to cancel it.


Close User Profile

Select option 4 in figure 2 to close this menu.

To return to Admin Overview.

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